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WPC: Creepy or Cute?

Creepy peek-a-boo

WPC: Beneath Your Feet

Loads of things beneath your feet.

WPC: Light as an Inspiration

Interesting light is certainly something that inspires me to get my camera out of the bag.

WCP: Close Up, Part II

  Great challenge this week, here is another take!

WPC: Close Up

Loads of locks – close up.

On the Way, Part II

On the way to San Diego: Torrey Pines and sunset.

WPC: On the Way

On the way to the market.

WPC: Motion

For this week’s photo challenge: More haste, less speed.

WPC: Blurry Face

I have tried many times to get a photo of this mask without a tripod and flash. Such a pretty face but the photo always turns out blurry.

WPC: Ephemeral Moment

Ephemeral is the moment when the light is just right. After a bit of a break, snowpartridge is back!

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