Monthly Archive: May, 2014

WPC: Twist in London

My earlier twist can be seen here

WPC: Twist

  One walks to see the White House, expecting to see… well.. the White House. Unexpected twist in the plot: Roman soldier in front of it!



Other cat photos available here

WPC: Work of Art

WPC: Work of Art: Contemplating Rothko

Art or no art? Definately art! More info about Rothko’s paintings here. More questions and answers related to works of art here.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Nature Animals

For Cee’s challenge this week:  Sea lion in La Jolla, California.  Other sea lion photos from the same place as well as other animal photos can be seen here.


My favourite letters in Washington D.C.! Not too long ago there was a weekly photo challenge themed “letters”.  Take a look at my LA letters and further letters of love.

WPC: On the Move at the Speed of Light

On this Friday we are on the move at the speed of light!


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